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1. 在《After Laughter》(《欢笑过后》)这张专辑中,帕拉莫尔乐队别具一格的音乐技巧和极具讽刺性的歌词焕发出了荧光般的色彩。
2. 零工经济(gig economy)
3. Beijing has responded with increasing rancour against Seoul’s decision to deploy Thaad, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence platform. While South Korea insists the system is for defending itself against North Korean missiles, China fears the technology will allow an ally of the US to spy on its military developments.
4. 销售与市场类
5. 罗宾哈丁(Robin Harding)
6. 在经历了长达几十年的许诺后,新的基因疗法终于开始有了一些真实的好成果。不过就像所有的新型疗法一样,基因疗法需要向公众准确地传递如何治疗以及治疗背后的原理,这和疗法本身一样具有挑战性。


1. Celebuzz has pulled together some of the best snaps of celebrities who go pumpkin picking.Have a look now in the gallery above, then tell us: Are you ready to celebrate Halloween on Wednesday?
2. 这是最好的时代,这是最坏的时代……
3. 国家大学排行榜单数量从去年的38份上升到42份。新加入的榜单包括阿根廷、墨西哥、巴基斯坦和罗马尼亚大学排行榜。
4. 所有这些合数值都比去年同期高,其中市场价值增幅最大(比去年同期增长13%)。这些公司在全球总共雇用了9000万人。
5. At least 120 million American voters had been expected to cast votes in the race between the Democratic incumbent and Romney after a campaign focused on how to repair the ailing U.S. economy。
6. It is the first time that news came up first since the technology company began publishing its yearly review a decade ago.Vera Chan, the company's senior editor and web trend analyst, said the BP oil spill was the most searched topic for term for a variety of reasons.


1. What growth dollar exports did see among major trading partners came from shipments to the US, which rose 5.5 per cent year on year to $37.06bn. Exports to South Korea also showed growth of 8.3 per cent to $10.2bn.
2. in内+tend伸展+ed→故意的;打算中的
3. Based on the children's books that goes by the same name, this movie follows the adventures of Mowgli through the Jungle as he tries to discover himself. He comes across several creatures in the Jungle, played by various actors, who make his journey difficult.
4. 中国2017年GDP增长预期目标为“6.5%左右”。
5. 也许你在地铁上上见过各种着装怪异迥异的角色出现,可应该没人在月台上见过大熊猫成群结队吧。
6. 凯莎《彩虹》


1. n. 沼地,极多,回转 n. 大量,许多 v. 使转,扭
2. 时间:2011-12-27 编辑:Jasmine
3. “有个家伙有一天跟所有同事说这是他最后一天了,结果却没让老板和人力资源部经理知道。”
4. 根据一项最新调查显示,2013年度最差劲密码非“123456”莫属了。
5. 美国的排放量在经过了最近几年的持续下降后,提高了2.9%。
6. Will the housing sector adjust easily to higher interest rates?


1. 添加一些个性元素。把自己家人的照片或东西放在桌子上可以提醒你为什么你要努力工作。
2. ac+com全部+pli满,填满+ish→全部弄满→成就+ed→有成就的,有造诣的
3. Faber laughs at Bernanke's remark that the economy would be strong enough later this year so he could take his foot off the gas, that is begin 'tapering, or scaling back it's stimulative quantitative easing (QE) program later this year.' Yes, laughed.

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